Beauty and the Braids

Lisa is the ultimate natural diva with her naturally wavy hair. Her hair frames her face beautifully and can be worn in a variety of ways. However, being an active woman she also appreciates a beautiful braid style with intricate cornrows going straight back and braided to the ends. The great thing about cornrows is that they are appropriate for any age or facial structure. Cornrows are an African hair style tightly woven braid that is usually repeated in uniform rows, not unlike a cornfield.

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Making waves

Sharon has healthy hair but she is tall and so you can do any hair style and will always look good on her. To give her shoulder length hair, 12 inch weave was used to match the color of her natural hair to add texture and volume. The curls seem natural after using rollers and she sat on a hair dryer for 15 minutes to achieve this look. Parnevu T-Tree sheen spray was used to give her a natural shine.

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Let your pout do the talking!

Fuller, more luscious lips are one of the most commonly desired physical attributes, either because a woman was born with lips that aren’t very full, or because the lips have lost some of their volume as a woman has matured. Either way, lips that are lacking in volume create in a woman the natural and understandable desire for a fuller, poutier look. And it seems the reservoir is running low when it comes to lip tips. After all, the first f ive minutes after putting on your lipstick your lips still look great. But you should set your goals much higher.

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Know your canvas

Foundations provide the perfect base for the application of the rest of your make up. Cosmetic foundations such as powders and liquid foundation are used to create a clear, smooth skin tone-the illusion of seemingly f lawless skin texture that will last as long as you desire. Foundations provide the perfect base for the application of the rest of your make up. Foundations may be water-based, oil-based or oil-free, with varied consistencies and coverage, and are available in liquid, cream or powder form.

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Pushing edgy to the edge

We all remember Sarah from Tanzania’s Coca Cola Pop Stars, ‘Wakilisha’, but what makes her most memorable is her hot video. Going by the stage name Shaa, this starlet’s edgy hairstyles are a thing to be envious about. Always pushing hairstyles a bit further with cool cuts and colours, we must say we admire her style. Shaa is not afraid to cut or colour her hair and she changes her hairstyle more often than most people visit the salon! This time, she chose a faux Mohawk done with long, flowing curly hair and a side cut! Now this look is so daring!

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Attract some attention with a wild and crazy style! Be it zebra stripes, metallic glints or otherwise.
Wild styles are perfect for a night to the clubs or a date out on the town. Do a quick version of a French manicure by painting the base coat of your nails in a neutral tone, such as a salmon color. With a white hue, once dry, paint the tips of your nails carefully and as uniformly as possible. This works best if you are able to grow your nails out a bit so you can use your natural nails’ anatomy as a guide.

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Steal the Mitchelle Obama look

A lot of fashionistas the world over are dying to go shopping with her hand in hand to acquire her fashion statements and cure their fashion desires.
You can also steal this appearance of a print dress and paired with youthful pump shoes stolen by Caroline
Hit the mark with Mitchell’s chic style as stolen by Mwamvita Makamba
The black dress quickly sold out of stores. The stolen look is Sylvia Mkalla with this black dress and pearls

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Short Cuts

Short hairs as well as short wigs are also very easy to care for. Short styled wigs are cheaper and affordable than longer wigs. A great hairstyle can create the difference between feeling ordinary and extraordinary, which is a very thin line. But should you go long, shoulder length or short-short? All this depends on you. There are those of us that look great in long hairstyle and those that look better in short-short styles. And if you are not sure which hairstyle suits you, seek help from your hairstylist or friends.

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