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Wavy style

This weave is incredibly easy to style, its tangle free and always looks beautiful on any face. The development of a woman is her happiness, where the physical image plays a major role for many ladies who always want to look their very best no matter what the circumstances. When a woman feels good about herself physically, that is one less thing she has to contend or worry about. Thus, at Shear you can get the best hair extensions and wigs in the market today at affordable prices because every woman deserves to have a beautiful mane everyday!

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Braid mania

Natural styles like the good old braids never go out of fashion. Braids are an elegant and sophisticated style that looks great on every woman. Attention everybody, technology has cut short the time you need to get your hair done. There are ready made braids in the market today, like this Sleek plaited locks weaving that JD is wearing. All you need now is a little time to sow the weaving onto your hair!

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Dreadlocks And Colour

• Colour can be used on dreadlocks but remember to let a professional do the job
• When dealing with colour, use quality products that won’t cause damage to your hair
• Trim the ends every once in a while to make your dreads look neat

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Curly weave

The pros and cons to weaving your hair and wearing it natural all depends on your lifestyle. If you opt to having hair extensions to add fullness and length, you should bear in mind that adding long heavy extensions can put pressure on your scalp. If the hair is long and heavy, may result in puling hair out, and may cause long-term damage in the form of thinning and pre-mature balding. So make sure the person that does it for you does it right and does it professionally and every now and then, you should give your hair a weave break for at least 2 weeks without having any hair extensions!

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Hairstyle And Colour Blonde!

Now that is a colour that needs a lot of respect. Not everybody can get away with a blonde wig. But a flowing blonde wig tells a lot about the wearer. You got to have a ton of confidence. So if you have the right skin tone, don’t shy away from blonde.

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Splitting pitfalls

Just anybody that has hair of any length and is old enough to have a basic comprehension of how it grows knows what split ends are. Even guys are aware of the problems and pitfalls of scraggy pitty split ends. SplitEndsoccurwhenthecuticleisdamagedandthefibresofthecortexunravel.Thehairisdry,brittle and prone to tangling and can split at the end or anywhere along the shaft. Split ends can be a major hair problem. SOME CAUSES OF SPLIT ENDS •Excessive use of hot styling tools (irons, hot curlers, blow dryers, hot combs).

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Timeless Afro

The Afro is a timeless and ageless style. Almost anyone can rock an Afro, male or female! And, you don’t have to sweat it out to have this style. Afro wigs are affordable and available. It’s also low maintenance, no need for combs but just a light touch up. And remember, you don’t have to be a celebrity to front an afro.

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When you wish for a Star

”As the lonely months rolled by, I understood that this condition will not go away, that my injury will not heal on its own, and that nothing I can do would change my condition. I only wished for a miracle to happen”
- Mwanamvua Athumani was treated for fistula and rehabilitated at Mabinti

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