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Microbraids take a long process to make but the results go a long way. And if you haven’t already noticed, microbraids are the in-thing in Dar es Salaam at the moment. So better join the bandwagon. They are an elegant and polished style featuring small, delicate braids. Sometimes called invisible braids, They come in several different sizes and lengths, and take about 9 to 12 hours to complete. MicroBraidsstylesarehighlyefficientandcanbecustomisedtocreatedifferentstyles.

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Lady in RED

Red lipstick symbolizes youth, good health and fertility. It is a universal classic and since the ancient Egyptians, Cleopatra’s time, to date, red lipstick has yet to go out of style. Regardless this trend, according to top stylists and hear say, many women assume they can’t wear it! CONSIDERING RED LIPSTICK? •Prefer near red nail polish when you are going red on the lips. Do not let nails clash!

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Natural styles like dreads and braids are always in fashion.
Today, there is a wide range of hairstyles you can achieve with these two ageless styles. We used to think that you had to lock your hair to have dreads or sit for hours just to have your hair braided. With technology, your style has been cut out for you, you can have instant dreadlocks or braids.

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Dream nails

There are a million ways to make your nails look fabulous! You can choose to go with one colour to keep it simple but you can also rock by applying different nail colours on eachfinger.Orgofortwodifferentshades,applyadifferent colour on either hand. Chose a good nail polish that dries quick and has dark shades so the contrast doesn’t scream loud!

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Weavy Wig Style

Going to an A-List event? Step out in this long, curly wig and write fashion pages. Wigs can help you transform from one look to another, and nobody has to know! Lots of women shy away from wigs, simply because they are afraid to step out of their comfort zones. Andliketheexpertssay,hairisnotatestpeople!Itisfinetocheat, take shortcuts or use a sneaky trick, especially when the results look this gorgeous.

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Many women avoid blush, but it can be your beauty secret weapon. For healthy, natural colour, nothing beats blush. However, blush tends to be overused as well. So keep in mind that makeup is an art so it requires practice and good knowledge to achieve a perfect look. Use blush to create an illusion of colour on your cheeks and not to make it obvious by overloading it with colour.

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Colour with curly weaving

You don’t have to be jealous of Beyonce’s long and curly hair. You can have the curly hair look even if you were not born with curly locks. These are now available in all leading hair stores. Curly hair extensions are a quick and easy way to add tons of texture and volume to your hair. The best part is that you don’t have to spend hours in the salon with a curling iron or hair-curling chemicals. You’ll be cat-walking down the street in no time!

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Choose the right Hair Extensions

Hair pieces come in different styles, textures and length. You can use hair pieces to dress up or down to suit your style and the occasion. Hair extensions are an easy way to entirely change your look and image. Shear Illusions’ platinum customer, Irene Uwoya, is one of the few urban girls who knows exactly her choice when opting for hair extensions for any occasion. She chose this natural human hair, 14 inch hair extension with blond highlights, for her kitchen party, which gave her this totally new look within hours.

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