Beauty is about showing it!

Knowing you are beautiful gives you confidence. It adds to that personality, adds to that smile and adds to that sway. And despite the fact that we are all beautiful, it’s the little things that we as women do to ourselves that builds up that confidence and add value to what we normally do. We want to be attractive, to have smooth skin, to smell great. However in our efforts to do that, we sometimes overstep or overdo and end up with an unpleasant look. To have a look that has every head turning does not mean painting yourself with every color known to man. It simply means looking at the best features on your face and accentuating them. It is true that even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not everyone is perfect, not even in the beholder’s eye. When you want to step out, you need to ask yourself; why am I putting on this make up, the lipstick, the jewelry, the perfume or any other beauty product. Almost all young women use beauty products and accessories to enhance their beauties, but as soon as they get married, and have babies, they spare little or no time in making themselves look and feel beautiful! Even if your man tells you that they love you as you are, don’t believe him entirely. First, you should ask yourself, the first time he approached you, proposed to you, how did you look? Was your hair messy, unmade or nicely styled? Were your lips patched or had you dabbed a little lipstick? Were your nails painted with nail polish or left just dirty and unkempt? Once you get sincere answers to these questions, and you know that your partner loves it when you get your nails or hair done, then simply stick to always maintaining your fab looks.