This particular hairstyle is an Alicia keys inspired style and is quite simple yet elegant to wear. You can use this look for high fashion styles too When one wears cornrows, they usually acquire a more relaxed look.However, if you are looking for a little more sophistication in them, you may have to accessorize or go for an up do with extra braids. HERE’S HOW... STEP 1: Wash hair thoroughly clean with a shampoo, rinse well and blow dry until the hair is dry enough. Oil just a bit of the hair to avoid splits STEP 2: Part hair that you would want the rows to follow in a well defined line. It is quite important to be accurate with this as the neatness will add to the proper finishing of the hairstyle. STEP 3: Continue the process and wind the plaits back and forth across the head creating a curvy boarder at the forehead. STEP 4: Bead the hair or attach additional accessories for more effect or to create a sophisticated hair style. STEP 5: Use aqua wax or protein gel to hold the hairstyle. This is a tip that is bound to work.However; it is advised to get the hairstyle out if it is outgrown. The gel will not work at that point.