Make-up can not only make you more gorgeous, it can boost your attitude and rejoice your unique quality as a woman.- NANCY SUMARI

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Afros reinvented

It’s interesting how history keeps repeating itself! Take for instance the afro style, whoever thought this 70’s hair trend would survive the hair style revolution? Even today, Afros are a very popular hairstyle among Africans. You must agree that nothing speaks afro centric more clearly than a natural fro. So go out, make headlines with a shaggy afro. Wear your natural tresses to the office and out and about. Latest trends: Afro wigs Tip: If you don’t have natural curly hair, invest in a wig.

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Pushing the buttons

Dar es Salaam is getting edgier by the minute. Every fashionista is taking a cue from trendsetters like Shaa and getting creative. The conventional cornrows are out the IT list and now, a cornrow isn’t a cornrow without a bit of drama. Use hair pieces to create fun and young styles that will separate you from the ordinary. You can mix cornrows with braids, weavings or natural hair. the choices are unlimited!

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Perfecting makeup

A perfect makeup needs a perfect makeup artist or at least a good one. You can easily be your own makeup artist by investing in some of our quality products and following our simple rules, or simply making these rules your own. There are pointers you must keep in mind if you want to avchieve a certain look. Don’t make your face a trial and error dummy, most people out there wont be so forgiving. And that is why we are here, TO HELP YOU!

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Curly weaving

How about getting a wonderful curly transformation? Shiny and full of layers, these magnificent jet black hair extensions will help you obtain a head turning look that nobody will ignore. The waves are perfectly designed to bounce freely and integrate with your natural hair. To get this look, you need Deep Wave hair extensions to help you achieve your goal. They will look great in an up-do and will definitely add to your glamour factor. The deep wave hair extension package normally contains a total of 33” (84cm) of quality, 100% human hair.

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Dartown Harmony

Don’t go crazy with the glitterz just because it’s in fashion. But you could add a few gold glitters, or you could also have stronger, darker eyes and a deeper red-brown or stronger pink on your lips. Under dimmer light at night, you can add more make-up.

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Red hot lips

Nothing is more feminine than a great set of red lips. No matter what your age, skin tone, or face shape, there is a perfect red lipstick color for everyone. The one great thing about the timeless shade of red lipstick is that there are always options in price for every budget. So get ready for the festive season by finding a great red lipstick or two. Keep in mind that picking out the right red lipstick doesn’t have to be rocket science. For the most part there are no real rules, but there are some suggestions to follow depending on your skin and hair tone.

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Shake and Go Hair Piece

Dreadlocks are amazing but it takes time to grow natural locks. However, you don’t have to go through the years to grow a mane. Take shortcuts and go for instant dreads, wigs and weavings. This piece is a dreadlocks pony tail instant hair piece, and looks so natural it is difficult for someone to believe they are your natural locks; suitable for a night out or to the office.

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