FASHIONABLE EARRINGS, trendy and a woman go together like bees and honey. At Shear Illusions you will get over 200 different pairs to choose from that are a welcome addition to your wardrobe

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Vintage Glam

Makeovers are wonderful ways of enhancing our naturally beautiful features into something inspiring and amazing to look at. Makeovers are magical and highlight us in a sensational way which we don’t imagine or dream of ever looking like. Outer makeovers are wonderful at showing our best assets off but the real makeover is the inner makeover which includes taking time to reflect on our lives and feel positive and secure about who we are and not what we look like

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3 Dimensions

3D nail art is the process of creating three-dimensional artwork on the fingernails. Typically, the 3D design is created on acrylic, or fake, nails, which are then applied over the wearer’s fingernails.

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Simple beauty

Put yourself on the list this time of the year. Create a simple beauty that’s incredibly irresistible and delightful for everyone to bask in. To take things up a notch for your upcoming festivities, think smoldering, smoky and exotic. Smoky eyes are the most popular holiday look, as it is the perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated. But beware: take your time and do it correctly. Done incorrectly, a smoky eye can look as though you ran into a fist, and that’s definitely not the look you’re going for.

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Salha Esrail

Corruption or bribery is the biggest enemy of development in our country. Let us all not forget that corruption hurts all of us, we are unable to reach our goals or achieve out targets because of corruption. To kill corruption and bribery, we must fight and stop giving or receiving favors from anyone. We should also try our level best to avoid completely this behavior of giving or receiving bribes

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CELEBRITY LOOKS - Jennifer Lopez

The best way to get inspired for your glamorous look is to get inspired from the celebrity makeup.
Look up for the one that matches your personality and get the celebrity makeup. Love her or hate her, one thing is certain: Jennifer Lopez’s makeup is consistently show-stopping. The queen of divas could wear a nubby old potato sack and still turn heads on the red carpet thanks to her allover glow. It’s all about the bronzer, girls.

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My makeup look is natural but sweet.

I like glossy lips, blush and Mascara. To keep my look soft, I put eyeliner on my top lid. It opens up my eyes for a more youthful look, smooth and bold, but at the same time, it’s soft.

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Curled Impressions

Having curly hair gives an impression that you are sexy and relaxed. It’s a kind of hairstyle that presents the look for any occasion or outing and will still impress the crowd. These hairstyles vary from long below the shoulders with graduated layers, to one length looks. Sometimes some hair could be cut shorter to break up the style, say using bangs to shorten the face shape or to accentuate the eyes. Use liquid gel, mouse and oil to settle the hair then comb with a wide tooth comb.

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