The right touch

The right touch creates style. Combined with the right look, it’s an unstoppable match

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Scene is all about the look

Scene is all about the look Some gals will have a drifting make over and transform for each new trend, while others may turn to a makeover for a life event such as bridal or maternal care. For a gal who is on top of fashion, being Scene is all about the look. This holiday hairstyle will give you an elegant look for an evening event or let if flow down for the day party. This can be most important, or as easy as braiding into your style or even choosing a never tried before shade of lipstick.

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Mohawk braids

This style is most favorable for teenage and young fashionable women. And a well realized Mohawk hairstyle can make a person to look fabulous. Even if it is still looked as an extreme style, more and more women choose it. It seems to be a complex hairstyle to make but with the help of a stylist wonders can be done. And it is suitable for occasions mostly but with some simple styling it can be worn almost to all areas. Step-by-step STEP 1: Split your hair into three portions i.e left, centre and right portions. Make vertical braids all round the head leaving the centre part unbraided.

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The heavy eye make-up favored by ancient Egyptians such as Cleopatra may have had medical as well as aesthetic benefits, French research suggests. The study, published in the journal Analytical Chemistry, suggests it helped to protect against eye disease. The key appears to be lead salts contained in the make-up. At very low levels, salts produce nitric oxide, which boosts the immune system to fight off bacteria which can cause eye infection. The make-up used by the ancient Egyptians to darken and enhance the eyes sometimes took up to a month to create.

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Vida Mahimbo

Fashion Designer Vida has a great skin, a great smile, amazing personal style and beauty. Talking Makeup, she expresses liking less makeup, has her personal tricks to looking bright, fresh and flawless. Her great beauty trick is a great mascara, which she feels can open the eye and instantly make you look as though you’ve have a good night’s sleep, even when that is not the case. She also loves wearing clear lip gloss to achieve her favorite natural look.

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Colour Cornrows

For a long time in the history of Tanzanian hair styles, braids have played a huge role in the beauty department among our women. They have been twisted and they have been plaited into various styles which go with fashion trends of that time. Taking a look at these pictures, you would find that the extensions managed to capture the essences of the art of cornrow plaiting. With a hint of vibrant maroon mixed with the natural African hair color (black), one would see how it can create a lasting impression to those who use it.

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The best way to get inspired for your glamorous look is to get inspired from the celebrity makeup. Look up for the one that matches your personality and get the celebrity makeup. Nothing about Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria is understated. Opt for individual false lashes instead of full strips, which can weigh your eyelids down. Don’t skip blush and bronzer, as these are the keys to getting Eva Longoria’s sexy bronzed look. Outline your pout with a lip liner that is slightly darker than your natural lip color, and then blend with a lip brush.

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Kili Janga

Kili Janga Fashion as looking good and feeling comfortable with the way you look. All this depends on where you are going. I love looking classy at all times.

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