Lisa is the ultimate natural diva with her naturally wavy hair. Her hair frames her face beautifully and can be worn in a variety of ways. However, being an active woman she also appreciates a beautiful braid style with intricate cornrows going straight back and braided to the ends. The great thing about cornrows is that they are appropriate for any age or facial structure. Cornrows are an African hairstyle tightly woven braid that is usually repeated in uniform rows, not unlike a cornfield. Designs are not limited to the traditional style though commonly known in Swahili “twende kilioni”. With modern styles and trends, various cornrow styles have been created over the years. Cornrows, similar to dreadlocks, can be left in for weeks at a time, as long as some simple hair care routines are observed, helping to keep the hair clean and the scalp moist and supple. This style can be achieved with either natural or relaxed hair. The hair is braided downward to lower-back length. The front section is braided from the hairline until it meets the back section. It is then braided to meet the length of the back section. To add a little flair you can enhance the look with different color highlights like red or strawberry blonde. Braided styles are perfect for the hot weather, especially when vacationing. Be careful of braiders that pull the hair too tightly. Extreme pressure causes tension alopecia, which is a permanent hair-loss condition. Be sure you are not experiencing pain when you leave the braiding salon. If you’re not sure if your hair is too tight try this simple inspection: Check the location of your eyebrows. If they are in a completely different location than when you walked into the salon, your hair just may be a bit too tight! Then there’s nothing left to do but go out into the world, and like Lisa Jensen, be the diva that you are!